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How Loan Holders Can Benefit from Meteor

Meteor enables the education finance community to collaborate and provide a unique online resource that elevates service levels throughout the lifecycle of a student loan.

We invite loan holders and service providers to participate
as a Meteor ...

  • Access provider: You host a copy of the free Meteor software on your Web site providing your borrowers with improved service and comprehensive information on their full financial aid obligation.
  • Data provider: You respond to requests for information from access provider sites throughout the network securely and in real time by integrating your system with a copy of the free Meteor software.
  • Sponsor: You help design and develop the Meteor software and assist in education and outreach efforts to promote usage by other financial aid providers, educational institutions, and borrowers.

Through Meteor, your organization can:

  • Enhance service to financial aid professionals, students, and borrowers
  • Keep users on your site using your existing authentication methods
  • Brand Meteor for your organization and integrate it into your existing Web capabilities
  • Take advantage of Meteor's low-risk pathway to state-of-the-art technology and open standards

How to Participate in Meteor

There are several ways that an education finance provider can participate in Meteor: as a sponsor, data provider, and/or access provider. To learn more, contact us today.


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Meteor Demo

Our interactive Meteor demo* shows the type of financial aid data available to users at colleges and universities. (Samples of the screens displayed to the other user types are available in our Meteor documentation.)

*Your browser's pop-up blocking must be turned off to use our demo. Static sample data is used to demonstrate Meteor's functionality. The live Meteor application provides users with real-time financial aid data.

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